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27 May 2012 @ 05:27 am
Why shmello.  
So I recently discovered some clever poppet on youtube has all of QI, sorted into lovely playlists. (Username: quite1interesting) Rewatching caused me to come here, searching for a fic (which I incidentally did not find, I think Alan seduces Stephen?), which lead me to discovering THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE, HOLY SHIT. Why shmello, darling people valiantly attempting to enliven this deadcomm. I WOULD BE OVERJOYED TO ASSIST YOU. And because everyone enjoys writing out little bios (don't deny, t'is true), I shall follow the fine example set here. I feel all fluffy and delighted inside. I really wish there was an upvote option, a la reddit, so that I might notify the other recent members that I read and enjoyed their bios, and that they should ABSOLUTELY POST SOME FANFIC YES.

Name: Chelsea

Age: 22. I now feel like a creeper. Hello, teenagers!

Occupation: Barista! ... Yes, I am an English major, why?

Favourite Communities on LJ: Kinkmemes are godly. Also ridiculous things, like ontd.

Fandom(s): SO MANY.

Shipping(s): EVEN MORE.

Favourite QI panelists: ALL OF THEM.

Favourite comedian: Eddie Izzard. Or Mitch Hedberg.

Stephen/Hugh or Stephen/Alan: They are both lovely, though I am currently craving Stalan. (Yes. That is the portmanteau I have chosen.)

Have you watched any other shows, documentaries or films featuring either Alan or Stephen: Yes. Blackadder, J&W, A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Nothing with Alan, though.

Do you write fanfiction?: I used to, but only when coerced. I'm afraid I'm not very good, but I may give it a try for this fandom. c:

Favourite genre of fanfiction: I'm a big sucker for the repressed!confused!first time genre.

Favourite FanFiction author: There's this one author for SGA that is just utterly brilliant. I hope she writes real, profitable stuff.

Favourite FanFiction site: Tie between LJ and AO3.

I am pleased.
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