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Title: Audi, Vide, Tace (hear, see, be silent)
Author: pushkin666
Rating: R
Word count: 685
Pairing: Stephen Fry/Alan Davies
Warnings: BDSM, Mention of spanking

Alan still isn’t quite sure what this relationship between them is; work colleagues, friends, fuck buddies, Dom and Sub. The different parts of it leave Alan nervous and confused at times, not sure how to react to Stephen. Which has led them here: Alan on his knees and Stephen in full Dom mode.

Audi, Vide, Tace (hear, see, be silent)
16 September 2012 @ 07:37 pm
Hi guys!!

I'm sure you've noticed that this comm's a little inactive... So I've decided to write some fics myself :3
However, They're a little errm... Graphic, if you will...
Would anyone mind if I upload some, sometime?

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27 May 2012 @ 05:50 am
I found that little fic pretty quickly, actually, silly me.

F Series
Alan has a cunning plan. Alan/Stephen.
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27 May 2012 @ 05:27 am
So I recently discovered some clever poppet on youtube has all of QI, sorted into lovely playlists. (Username: quite1interesting) Rewatching caused me to come here, searching for a fic (which I incidentally did not find, I think Alan seduces Stephen?), which lead me to discovering THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE, HOLY SHIT. Why shmello, darling people valiantly attempting to enliven this deadcomm. I WOULD BE OVERJOYED TO ASSIST YOU. And because everyone enjoys writing out little bios (don't deny, t'is true), I shall follow the fine example set here. I feel all fluffy and delighted inside. I really wish there was an upvote option, a la reddit, so that I might notify the other recent members that I read and enjoyed their bios, and that they should ABSOLUTELY POST SOME FANFIC YES.

Name: Chelsea

Age: 22. I now feel like a creeper. Hello, teenagers!

Occupation: Barista! ... Yes, I am an English major, why?

Favourite Communities on LJ: Kinkmemes are godly. Also ridiculous things, like ontd.

Fandom(s): SO MANY.

Shipping(s): EVEN MORE.

Favourite QI panelists: ALL OF THEM.

Favourite comedian: Eddie Izzard. Or Mitch Hedberg.

Stephen/Hugh or Stephen/Alan: They are both lovely, though I am currently craving Stalan. (Yes. That is the portmanteau I have chosen.)

Have you watched any other shows, documentaries or films featuring either Alan or Stephen: Yes. Blackadder, J&W, A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Nothing with Alan, though.

Do you write fanfiction?: I used to, but only when coerced. I'm afraid I'm not very good, but I may give it a try for this fandom. c:

Favourite genre of fanfiction: I'm a big sucker for the repressed!confused!first time genre.

Favourite FanFiction author: There's this one author for SGA that is just utterly brilliant. I hope she writes real, profitable stuff.

Favourite FanFiction site: Tie between LJ and AO3.

I am pleased.
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01 May 2012 @ 07:13 pm
LJ Username: alyssandrianna

Name: Lena

Age: Too old to be too young to be doing this xD

Occupation [If any]: Actress

Favourite Communities on LJ: DW_cosplay and the kink Memes for my various fandoms

Fandom(s) [If any]: Sherlock Holmes (in all incarnations), Doctor Who, Merlin, Supernatural

Shipping(s) [If any]: If I listed them all we'd be here all day! Johnlock, Wincest, Merthur...

Favourite QI pannelists [If any and if I spelt that right]: I'm too lazy to list everyone who has ever been on QI ever so....

Favourite comedian/comedienne [Again... spl!?]: Refer back to the everyone thing...I find all comedians hilarious on some level...

Stephen/Hugh or Stephen/Alan: Stephen/Alan

Have you watched any other shows, documentaries or films featuring either Alan or Stephen (eg. Jonathan Creek, Jeeves and Wooster, 50 Not Out, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging)?: Yes and I would elaborate but I've heard spamming is a bad thing :P

Do you write fanfiction?: Yes. So much. All the time. This is my first real foray into rpf though so please be understanding through my current overload of fic

Favourite genre of fanfiction: Um, all the genres. Except possibly character death.

Favourite FanFiction author: Don't ask me these things because I do not have answers!

Favourite FanFiction site: To write, probably fanfiction.net because it's so easy although that may change, and to read either AO3 or LJ

Um, is this comm maybe slightly dead? Because I'm really hoping not because I've read all the fanfiction already and I'm going into Stephen/Alan withdrawal.
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